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Steam what fueled the industrial revolution of the 19th century is still used for heating in residential and commercial buildings many Richmond neighborhoods.  They may be old but they are not wore out! Many boilers have had their operational lives saved (at least extended) by re-piping boiler rooms and restoring the system to original engineering and operational criteria.  Well meaning people attempted to improve steam systems, sketchy boiler salesmen sold owners on changes to steam systems many times making them inefficient and rendering the boiler useless.  With the elimination of radiators from buildings in an attempt to control temperature, failure to repair or replace inoperable steam vents and traps, service personnel whose only suggestion was “turn up the pressure” and on and on soon the system bangs, knocks, sucks up fuel, and does not heat well. Making steam the culprit rather than improper control,  no maintenance and incorrect piping which can cost owner a lot of money, down time, and a large electric bill to keep warm. Hopefully those $40.00 electric heaters will bring 5 bucks in a few years.  Vassars Service of Richmond has extensive experience in the Richmond steam boilers operation, installation, and maintenance.

Vassars Service of Richmond specializes in low pressure steam, but if you want to build a still we can help there too.  Our personnel undergo continuing education in steam boilers, as in all mechanical systems, to assure our customers’ professional service and new generations of qualified steam and mechanical system mechanics.

Service Details Include:

  • Steam boilers
  • Steam controls
  • Condensate tanks
  • Combustion Analysis
  • Steam traps
  • Steam vents
  • Water treatment
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